From Mythology, Tradition, and History to Elegance: Naimah’s Jewelry

Naimah is an Istanbul-based fine and fashion jewelry brand founded by Emrah Birkardesler. I wanted to share our founder artist, Emrah’s story in his own words. We hope that you’ll enjoy this interview.

But, to begin with, let me mention him. 

Emrah draws attention with his unique, brave, and meaningful designs. Emrah’s designs are artworks in jewelry form, considering how they subtly awaken emotions and thoughts. 

His fascination with different cultures and their artistry is what inspires him to create unique pieces of jewelry. Each piece is crafted with care and precision, making them stand out from traditional gold jewelry designs.

Emrah Birkardesler

He aims to empower women by giving them access to beautiful, high-quality, affordable jewelry. With Emrah’s designs, people can express their unique style and personality through the pieces they wear. 

When products in shops become duller and duller and more generic, Emrah stands out brighter in the jewelry market with this contribution to uniqueness. You can easily notice that in his designs. No need to say more.

If you're looking for something special, be sure to check out collections!

Hi Emrah, I’m so curious about your story. What did give you the motivation to start Naimah?

There has always been a bright light in the midst of darkness. During the pandemic, when I was stuck at home, I  found inspiration and motivation — and time — to work on the project I had started earlier. 

So when the pandemic hit and forced everyone indoors, I turned it into an opportunity. I finally had the time to bring my sketches to life and create pieces that would bring joy to people's lives.

We know that your designs quickly gained popularity among those who love to enhance their look with artistic touches. People loved your art for its sophistication and artistry, but they also loved it for its ability to bring originality into their lives. What is so special about your designs?

The stories behind them. Let me explain.

For example, my first designs with this brand were whistle necklaces.

It’s an interpretation of a typical emergency aid whistle in such a unique and elegant way. With whistle necklaces, the jewel became functional. That’s quite new. Like everything else, this design is also a symbol highlighting the power of art to raise the voice of individuals.

The history of whistle necklaces goes back to the first people. I transferred his art to this old tool. In the Victorian era, women started to use whistles as accessories. But it took a while for it to be so artistic and flawless.

NAIMAH | Whistle Necklace Pendant Charms | Luxury Enamel Animal Jewelry

Animal sculptures are also unique as each animal design has its own story. For example, the deer whistle necklace: Csodaszarvas , the Miraculous Deer, is a central element in Hungarian mythology. Therefore, it is seen as a powerful fertility goddess and a divine guide - it led to the foundation of the Hungarians.

Sounds interesting and nice, but let’s talk about what’s not that nice. Actually, I am sure they are not enemies but spaces to grow into. So, can you tell us about the challenges your business or the market is facing? What do you recommend young designers?

Creating art for people innately has the challenge of unleashing your creative side. My pieces have a unique style, and without sacrificing my artistic creativity, I need to design products to sell.

This challenge also brings the power of being unique as people seek pieces that will reflect their uniqueness. It’s a challenge and power simultaneously. In the market, you need to reach out to people who share the same vibe and style.

Creating a brand is only the first step in building a successful business. Once you have a product that people like, you need to get it into their hands. That's where marketing and sales come in.

For luxury brands like Naimah, online platforms are the only sales channels that make a difference. We don't just sell our products; we sell a lifestyle. Our customers aren't looking for bargains. They're looking for a certain level of quality and exclusivity. 

In order to build a successful brand, they needed to have a deep understanding of the needs and desires of their target market. They took their time to be able to effectively communicate their unique selling points in a way that resonates with consumers. 

That's why they had to focus their efforts on creating an immersive online experience that makes their customers feel like VIPs. From the moment they visit our website to the moment they receive their purchase, the brand wants them to feel like they're part of something special. 

It's this attention to detail that sets Naimah apart from the competition in handling this challenge.

On the other hand, it is also about the fact that the business stands out in the market, recreating thousands of years of tradition in a unique way.

Enough of challenges. What about the opportunities?

Naimah’s biggest opportunity is our bold designs. Our authentic approach to art makes us unique in the market.

I am personally passionate about mythology, art history, symbols and popular culture. What makes my work unique is these creative stories that are made of solid materials and a soul. That’s how I try to give life to each piece with the contribution of the holder of it.

Each piece in the collections comes from past traditions and crafts its own potential. So each piece has its own legend to share with the world. They become complete when adopted by an authentic soul who treasures adding some artwork to their life.

Evil Eye Rose | NAIMAH

The Evil Eye Rose Collection is one of the best examples of this. Many cultures have their own evil eye tradition. These objects (often having the shape of an eye), used to protect babies, things, and houses, still retain their significance.

As a designer, I carry this belief, which has traces in every religion and culture, into my works. Objects used to protect against the evil eye aim to attract the jealous eye of the other person to themselves. So the evil eye will protect the person who wears it. 

We talked about your whistle necklaces. A small notice to our readers: would you believe it if we said that you would want to wear a whistle necklace around your neck? That's what Emrah achieves. He takes possession of the accumulation from mythology and history, combines it with creativity, and creates pieces, each of which is unique.

As a successful designer, what are your advices, before saying goodbye to our readers?

Thanks for your kind words.  

What I want to say to young designers is: If you are an artist selling your artwork, you need to find a balance between creativity and what people like. Don’t compromise on product quality during production. Because raw material prices are rising, many artists are having difficulty producing their products at the same price as before. To be more competitive, they may think about using cheaper materials and production channels. However, product quality is your signature. Don’t give up on it. 

Naimah chooses vermeil to produce their pieces rather than opting for the flash gold plating to put the prices down. 


Another thing to be aware of when you are in production is sustainable resources. The jewelry industry is already quite lucky on this basis, as gold and silver can easily be recycled - or even upcycled. This is extremely important for our world, for the next generations, and for all.

I  always call attention to the responsibility for nature and the workforce and recommends this manner to everyone in production, no matter what industry they work in. We need to produce without destroying the world's resources and enjoy this production and creation process. 

Our love for mingling mythology, legends, and history lit a fire under Burning Heart Milagros. For this powerful piece, we got inspired by powerful stories. And now, it’s ready to get more power from your personal story to give this legend a life in our m

After all, these qualities will make you stand out among others. With a skilled marketing team, you will shine brighter, and people will notice you. Your audience cares about how you work as well as what your product is. To be able to get a good reputation, update your mindset instead of faking it. And you will get many benefits from it in terms of your business.

It’s important to find a good team to market your products as it is another business to find people online and offer a well-organized delivery system. People pay attention to experience throughout their purchase process.

Naimah aims to offer high-quality products with a unique design for a customized touch in life. The designer touches his clients with his brave and creative hands to add some glow and to make them act boldly while representing their unique souls in this world.

You can discover his eye and heart-catching pieces on here or follow the brand on Instagram for some inspiration:

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