About Naimah

Naimah is a jewelry and fashion brand born in Istanbul, created by designer Emrah Birkardesler.

The jewelry of Naimah can be characterized as: cartoonish, luxurious, humouristic, pop and neo- baroque.

The designer drew a lot of design inspiration from early 20th century artists and fashion designers, such as Elsa Schiaparelli, Andy Warhol, Billy Boy* whom Emrah regarded as his personal muses.

Naimah - Jewelry - Sketchbook

The theme of each piece varies widely, from body parts like lips, eyes and legs - typical surrealist motifs - to hearts, animals and robots.

Emrah is obsessed with opposites, he thinks that constructivism and lavish baroque as two distinct influences that when put together, produce enough inspiration for an entire collection of jewelry.

With an emphasis on quality and skill, each piece transcends the boundaries of traditional gold jewelry design and production, realizing its own potential to create something extraordinary.

The brand is famous for its outstanding content and genuine storytelling, as well as its customized and original design ideas.

Naimah has been featured in various fashion magazines, preferred by fashion and celebrity stylists, and acknowledged as the most prominently featured jewelry designer in the renowned Trendvision Jewellery Trendbook 2025+.