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โ€œfashion speaks different with meโ€ By Itch / jo defacto
ย  ย Our Interview Featured on! We're thrilled to announce that our recent interview has been featured on! Dive into our conversation to discover insights into our brand and vision. Check out the full article now on ย 
Naimah: Elevating Turkish Craftsmanship on the Global Stage
Naimah: Elevating Turkish Craftsmanship on the Global Stage At Naimah, we've always believed that jewelry isn't just about adornment; it's a form of artistic expression that tells a story. Our journey has been a relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by...
Balangandan: The Enchanting World of Brazilian Folklore
Brazil, a land rich in cultural diversity, is home to a plethora of enchanting traditions and legends. Among them, the balangandan stands out as a unique...
From Mythology, Tradition, and History to Elegance: Naimahโ€™s Jewelry

Naimah is an Istanbul-based fine and fashion jewelry brand founded by Emrah Birkardesler. I wanted to share our founder artist, Emrahโ€™s story in his own words. We hope that youโ€™ll enjoy this interview.ย 
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What is evil eye?
The evil eye belief โ€“ primarily the belief that someone can project harm by looking at anotherโ€™s property or person โ€“ is found in many parts of the world.ย Who casts the evil eye, who or what can it strike, and what is the nature of the ascribed power?ย 
The Story Behind the Dog Whistles
Whistles have been since early humans first carved out a bone or wood and found they could make sound with it. Inย ancient Egypt, small shells were used as whistles. Many modern wind instruments are inspired of these early whistles...